• seek.

    Data is gathered from multiple sources into ONE environment that spurs curiosity and exploration.

  • solve.

    Information is delivered in an insightful and visual manner.  It can be flexibly manipulated, analyzed, and trended to drive the best decision outcomes.

  • share.

    Results are easily shared with teams, leadership and external parties to foster collaborative accountability and action.

Our Business Intelligence Platform bridges data to visualization by transforming BIG Data into SMART Data.


Our guiding principles: 
Seek. Solve. Share. 

S3 Mobility was created with a simple thought in mind.

Companies require greater visibility to their performance.  S3’s Four-Eyes solution allows your team to investigate, analyze and collaborate, to transform insights into action.


They also need a very secure solution to share with their business partners.   The perfect solution would have Customer, Product, and P&L level security that enables highly secure access by external users.


S3’s solution differentiates itself with its proprietary dynamic data modeler.  In a world where sophisticated data models are being built in Excel without hierarchical security, S3 has incorporated data modeling with business intelligence.  Users build sophisticated models with internal and external data.  These insights are delivered in robust and easy-to-use dashboards and views.  This superior visualization enables users to perform iterative planning & analysis.


This business analysis platform provides high-impact solutions such as: consensus planning, financial modeling, business performance analysis, business planning, and sales/pricing sensitivity.







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